July Updates

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July Updates

Hello to our devoted friends! And enemies, can't forget you! We have a few quick bits for you, so take a look!

Our cruise is unfortunately going to be postponed once again due to scheduling issues. Thankfully all ticket holders have been very understanding of this, and we do still have some tickets left! Feel free to look out for a discount code this weekend!

This weekend is also Southrnfresh 8, to be held in Marietta, GA from 2-7PM. This is a huge outdoor event held in a wonderfully laid-out park, and will have roughly thirty vendors and tons of show cars! We are holding the faith that the weather will be excellent!

We have started site visits for our upcoming events, and want to hear your feedback! Feel free to message us if you think you know a good spot for our hosted events - we're very willing to go take a look if it's around the metro Atlanta area!

As the image up top indicates, we have a co-hosted event in September with the 9GensoSiety Georgia Chapter: a push drag race night. Winner takes all in this contest of fastest car... in neutral. And the winner will indeed take home a cash prize, so make sure you come out for this one!

We are currently looking for booth staff and models as we continue the car show season! Inquire within.

And that is it for now, stay tuned for our next blog update :)

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