Mid-Year Updates & News

Mid-Year Updates & News

Before diving into the meat and potatoes, we'd love to welcome aboard our new Kartel at Coolray show title sponsor: Haynes High Octane Customs. With decades of experience in the automotive industry, and a network to match, Haynes will be on board for the duration of this crazy party we throw once a month.


We're adding more games, more vendors, and more raffles than we've ever had before, so if you haven't made any of the new shows you are missing out on an amazing blend of community, culture, and experiences like nothing else the car scene has to offer. And yes - we take requests! So always feel free to email, call, text, or message us with feedback.


Anyways, now that we've hit the mid-year mark... what have we learned? We learned that strategic partnerships are absolutely key to business. We learned that, just like on Friday nights, we still need to change things up frequently. We learned Gwinnett County wasn't kidding when they said "find somewhere unincorporated and we'll let you keep going." We definitely learned to suck it up when rain falls on event dates!


But, we also accomplished a lot these first few months at Coolray Field: we had crowds as large as our last few Friday night meets. We made a lot of new friends. We added new games and prizes. We proved you can transition from one type of event style, to something completely different, and maintain relevance.


Finally, we have a lot of things to work on. We need to be better about going to market our shows elsewhere. We need to keep our website and schedules more easily accessible. We definitely need to bust out our laptop more and work on this website more in general, too! But most importantly, we need to get back to interacting with you guys like we did on Friday nights.


You, the community, are the heart and soul of our shows - even as we grow, expand, and adapt to a new environment. COVID changed a lot of how events were done, and now that people are coming out again, we need to ensure you guys know this is all still about you - just like it's always been. So stop by our tent - yeah, it's a bit bigger - and say hey. Old friends, new friends... you're all part of our family.

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